Providing comprehensive ergonomic, injury prevention and injury management services.


Ergonomics and Injury Prevention

Improving productivity through sustainable, specialized, and scalable Work Injury Free System integrated into your company’s culture and business processes.

  • Office ergonomics (onsite and virtual)
  • Industrial (utilities, facilities, and manufacturing)
  • Global program development and management
  • Customizable electronic solutions
  • Return-to-Work and workplace modification services
  • Accommodations consultation provided by Occupational and Physical Therapists


Total Workplace Wellness Survey

Experience our breakthrough Total Workplace Wellness Survey (TWWS)™ now available for the first time to private industry! After 10 years of development and testing within the NGO arena, we are proud to present our newest addition to meet the needs of today’s private industry customers.

The only full-spectrum health risk analysis survey on the market today, our TWWM measures not only your employees’ health and wellness – it also measures how well your corporation is doing to support your employees’ ability to come to work ready to make your product or service the best it can be. Your employees’ health and wellness means more than just stress or just nutrition or just blood pressure. People are an amalgamation of many disparate parts, and this is the first and only survey that takes that into account.

  • Determine the need for health and wellness programming before spending money on unnecessary or dysfunctional programs.
  • Ensure program success by pre-evaluation of confounding variables with the company from the viewpoint of your employees and managers.
  • Measure programs’ successes within the greater context of employee productivity, engagement, and behavioral changes.


Business Consulting Services

Building the missing link between program success and corporate success, our corporate consultation services help your upper management understand the interconnectivity of your corporate culture, policies, procedures, and programs – what we call your C2P3 Base. 

Our Transactional Multiplier Effect Method (TMEM)™ walks management through an analysis of your core C2P3 Base with an eye towards profit, return on investments, and productivity.

Corporate success and program efficacy (profit, ROI, productivity, sustainability) is based on the effect of the interactions between your culture, policies, programs, and processes while your employees strive to meet your corporate goals.

 E = C2P3

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