We truly believe that employees should be able to work without pain and that companies can provide their employees the best place to work — if given the correct tools.

Nobody wants to have pain in their back, shoulders, knees, or neck. Nobody really wants to have to stop working because their body ‘just won’t do it anymore’. Employees can either feel great about the company they work for or feel like the company is dragging them down. While much of that depends on the person, research shows that the company itself can have a very large affect on how employees feel. Taking care of employee needs is one of the proven methods of keeping your employees working with you and not just showing up for a paycheck.

We are passionate about providing the resources needed by companies and the employees to make for better workplaces. If needed, we will do it one desk chair or rock drill at a time.



Worksite Health and Safety Consultants was founded by Naomi Abrams, OTD, MOT, OTR/L, CEAS to provide comprehensive ergonomic, injury prevention and injury management services.  Dr. Abrams holds a post professional Doctorate in Occupational Therapy and has years of experience treating injured workers, including workers’ compensation claimants.

While treating patients, she also consulted with companies regarding return to work and wellness programs. From those experiences, she became convinced that individuals and employers could effectively prevent worksite injuries and health-related problems if they knew what steps to take.

As an occupational therapy practioner, Dr. Abrams specialized in the treatment and prevention of repetitive strain injuries and common work-related complaints including back and neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, and lateral epicondylitis.

A true believer in working hard to put herself out of business, Dr. Abrams strives to teach everyone that preventing injury is an attainable goal!  Her easy to follow approach that breaks office ergonomics into steps everyone can follow puts the power of injury prevention into the hands of the employees.

According to Dr. Abrams, equipment shouldn’t be the focus.  Office managers are often afraid of the word “ergonomics” because they associate it with spending money on things that don’t work.  Research and proven results back up Dr. Abrams’ approach.  She is not associated with any equipment manufacturers or distributors.  She keeps an objective viewpoint when evaluating the ergonomics of an office — equipment is only recommended when truly needed.

The author of Why is My Office a Pain in My…? and Protecting the Human Resource: The HR Guide to Ergonomics, Dr. Abrams consults and lectures internationally on ergonomics and injury management.


Worksite Health & Safety Consultants serve people who want to prevent past injuries from recurring and avoid future injuries. They also work with companies that seek improved efficiency and productivity through improved worksite design and reduced workplace stress.

Contact us for a free, no obligation consultation. We will work with you to create a detailed action plan that fits your needs and budget.

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