Watch your arms – your body likes to be in neutral positions.




With more and more findings on long term office related injuries these days, how can we make sure we aren’t putting unnecessary stress on our arms in the long run? Let’s go over the basics of arm positioning – starting with the hand! Because of the alignment of our muscles, tendons, and bones, our hands are most comfortable in a slightly rounded position – like you are lightly using a mouse or cupping a baseball. Your wrist likes to be straight, or have a very slight bend backward. Your forearm likes to be resting with your thumb pointed up and your small finger down as if resting against a surface – like you are giving a thumbs up without closing your hand. This is called a neutral or resting posture and is highly important to be aware of because this positioning requires the least amount of energy to maintain. If you find your mind wandering off or are taking a brief break as you work, take it as an opportunity to make sure that your arms, wrists, and hands are comfortable and refresh your memory as to what the neutral, least straining position of your arm should be. This brief reminder can, over time, help ward off chronic pain and discomfort as a result of prolonged arm strain on a day-to-day basis.

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