Black Friday Sales may be the most exercise you’ve gotten all week



So, who here is planning on going shopping tomorrow?  Since I’ve made it my mission to reduce the injuries we inflict on ourselves, this post is all about how to make the most out of the day after Thanksgiving — without getting hurt (in the wallet or body). 

Stress: when I think of the day after Thanksgiving all I can think of is stress — lines, traffic, people grabbing items, rushing, etc.  So here is tip #1: DON’T !!  When you start thinking about what you are going to do tomorrow, remember why you’re braving the malls (or even just the streets around the malls) — because you care about the people around you. You’re doing it because you are trying to show others that you care.  You are not doing it so that you can be better than anyone else.  Oh, and if you are doing it so that you can be better than anyone else, find a corner, sit in it, and think about who you are for a little while.

Shoes: no, not buying them (though you may do that too).  The day after Thanksgiving may be the best workout you have gotten in the last week (or month depending on your exercise routine).  It is a great chance to work off that Thanksgiving meal!  However, tip #2, please be sure you are wearing good walking shoes!  I have to laugh every time I see someone hiking a mall with high heels on, really ladies, think — this may take the place of going to the gym today. 

Parking: stop fighting for the best spot.  Please ladies and gentlemen, lets stop with the parking lot rage.  Think back to tip #2, this is your chance to skip the gym today. Tip #3: park a little farther out and get in a bit more cardio.  

Fun: last tip, keep it fun.  What are we teaching our kids when we elbow each other for the last toy?  Your heart will thank you since you will again keep your stress levels low enough to stave off the heart attack.  Also, please, lets not have  a repeat of the stampedes of previous years. Those are your neighbors and your friends — not your competitors.

Wishing everyone a very healthy, happy, and safe holiday season,


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