DIY Network Commercial Misses the Mark on Promoting Safety




yardwork Recently while watching a program on the DIY Network I saw a DIY self-help mini-program/commercial* detailing how you can protect yourself while doing all those DIY projects and was appalled at the serious mistake shown repeatedly!!

Great concept DIY Network. Yes, personal protective equipment is needed even for the most basic tasks. However, every single time you showed your actress picking up objects (like a plant in the backyard) she was lifting incorrectly! Not only was she lifting items incorrectly, she was doing it so badly I wonder if she managed to make through the retakes needed to film that segment without serious injury. This mini program focused on hands, eyes, feet and ears – why did you leave out basic back health? Okay, I understand that this segment may have been only on safety equipment, but let’s be responsible, how about only showing the correct way to move even if you are not focusing on those concepts.

When working on do-it-yourself projects please wear the proper protective equipment like gloves, supportive/protective shoes, eye protection, and hearing protection. Also, please make sure that when you handle objects you follow some very basic body health rules:

1. Stay close to the object you are moving – you should never reach for an object if you can move your feet closer to it

2. Stay square to the object—your knees, hips, shoulders, and head should face the object you are picking up and stay facing while you are lifting, carrying and lowering

3. Use the largest muscles you have to do each lift – if the object is on the floor bend your knees to get it, if the object is far away drag it closer so that you are not lifting it with just your shoulder strength

Overall, I love the fact that a major network is taking the time to say safety matters. I just wish they would sit back and take a look at the hidden or missing messages. No opportunity should be wasted to protect yourself.


*I went looking for the mini-program again on the DIY Network site but was unable to locate it to reference it here.

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