Ergo-Tips Series: Take 30 seconds to make your desk more comfortable!



Step 5:

Can you actually see that?

Sit back in your chair and put your hands on the keyboard. (remember, you should be scooted all the way up close to the desk). Now take a look at your monitor. Can you see it well? I mean, really well? Try leaning a bit forward – does that make it even clearer?

28 (640x467)
One of the top reasons people have back and neck pain is from leaning forward to see the screen. Try moving the screen just a bit closer. Better, right?

Another trick – with today’s larger monitors we are no longer stuck looking at tiny font! Follow these steps to make the computer’s text easier to read:  Go into the Control Panel (located in the Start menu on the right) In the Search bar type in “DPI”. Click on the option: Make text larger or smaller. Select Medium (125%). Hit Apply and then log off/on your computer.

You should see that the text that is controlled by the computer  shows a bit larger. You may be impressed by what a 25% increase accomplishes!

Try these tips and make your desk more comfortable!

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