Ergo-Tips Series: Take 30 seconds to make your desk more comfortable!



Step 2:

Learn how to adjust your chair

Most people think the most common cause of back pain is using the wrong chair. In fact it’s usually much simpler than that: not taking the time to learn how to adjust the chair you have! Sure, you need to take a little time to figure out where all the levers are and what they do, and to jump in and out of it as you make adjustments. But I think you will agree that the few moments it takes to adjust your chair is worth so much compared to months of back pain!

Tush scoots may ease the pains in butt

If you have been following along, you’ve adjusted your chair and made sure that your feet are resting on a good support. Now, stop and consider how you’re sitting: are you sitting back in the chair or slouched forward?

Take a moment and assess whether or not you tend to sit with your butt all the way back in the chair. Sitting with your butt forward means that you are not using the back support correctly. If you don’t use the backrest properly, you end up slouching – a position too many of us are getting used to! Start working on the habit of regularly scooting your rear end (tush, buttocks, or whatever you want to call your posterior) back into the seat. Your rear should fit into the back of the seat.

Only once you sit back in the seat can you adjust the lumbar support. The lumbar support is the pad that should be around your belt line. More on this adjustment in the next post!




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