Ergonomic Issues When Using Small Devices




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Mobile Phones and Tablets

In today’s technologically advanced world we spend more and more time on our mobile phones and tablets and less time on traditional computers. With this change to small devices come some ergonomic issues:

* Getting your hands and eyes to focus on the small screen at the same time means hunching over. Add the small font that is difficult for all of us of mature years, and you have a bunch of people using devices looking like turtles.

*  Thumbs were never meant to be input devices. The grip + reach = thumb and wrist pain.

If you are going to be working on a tablet or phone for an extended period, use a keyboard whenever possible. Limit emailing on your phone to less than 5 minute periods — more than that and you really should be using a computer.

If you will be typing long emails look into using voice activation to compose the email. Other accessories to consider with tablets and phones are holding devices. Many companies now make accessories that allow you to strap the tablet to your palm thereby minimizing awkward wrist postures and forceful pinch grips.

– – – Susan Shaw, CPE

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