Should Exercise Balls Be Used At the Computer?

I’m sure you have seen them in department stores and sporting goods retailers, or even seen them on television or in your own office – I’m talking about exercise ball chairs that are widely advertised, claiming to improve your core strength and posture. The companies that make these chairs claim that since you are resting your body-weight on an inflated ball that is constantly shifting around and unstable, you are forced to hold your own weight up and subsequently improve your posture. Unfortunately, the opposite is true. Because there is no straight, firm support for your body-structure, an exercise ball chair isn’t necessarily the back-friendly, ergonomic, wonder product that these companies are touting them as! In fact, you can still find yourself slouching in these chairs and with no solid support for your rear end and core – those who are used to slouching may actually find their posture worsened after a few days in these chairs. This doesn’t go to say that exercise ball chairs are necessarily “bad” per se, but if you are planning on spending 8-9 hours a day sitting down and doing office work, an exercise ball chair could prove to be more of a hassle and strain rather than an ergonomic solution for work-related stress.  Remember, if you are feeling pain or strain as a result of using an office product that you aren’t sure of, stop using the product immediately and check with a doctor or medical professional.

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