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It is always nice to see your name in press (well, when it is for something good I should say).  I was interviewed after my last presentation at the National Ergonomics Conference and just found the article.  Read all about it:

I’m heading back to the conference this year to talk about the psychology behind ergonomic programs and how you can use adult learning principles to ensure compliance.  Come on out to Las Vegas and check us out:  I’ll also be facilitating a luncheon round table discussion on obesity in the workforce.  We’ll be discussing how the furniture has been adapting to heavier weight requirements, how certain positions are difficult with bulk, and how the trend is also contributing to increasing days out of work for obesity related health concerns.

Worried about your workforce?  There are many free options for helping your staff.  For example, look at what is in your vending machine.  Can you really expect people to eat healthy if they have such easy access to unhealthy food?

Check out some of our ergotips to learn more.

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