iStock_000004814128XSmall[1]Manual material handling

Have you been seeing a lot of back injuries?  Noticed that the employees have taped things onto the machinery to change the way they work the controls?  Are your OSHA logs creating some anxiety?

Injury prevention for jobs requiring heavy lifting requires creative ideas and team efforts.  Our consultants work with your managment, staff and suppliers to decrease the risks faced by your employees every day.

Shoe fit

Are your employees on their feet all day?  We have physical therapists who specialize in fitting shoe orthotics.  Take the guessing out of what type of shoe would work best or if the shoes fit.  We’ll work with your supplier to keep your employees on their feet.

Six Sigma and LEAN

Working on a Six Sigma project to improve the flow of the factory floor? Looking to implement LEAN principles into your manufacturing process?

Worksite Health & Safety Consultants will work with your team to fit the work, worker and worksite together.  We bring to the table extensive knowlege of how human beings work and how they learn.

Check out our list of services to see if we can help you reach your goals.