We know that sometimes individuals need help too. Are you suffering from aches and pains? Do they get worse when you’re working on the job or around the house? Do you find yourself having trouble concentrating because your back or neck or shoulder hurts?

Home life isn’t supposed to be a pain in the neck!

Working from home or just trying to figure out how to live without pain can put you in a difficult situation. We work with people who already are suffering, worried about future pains or concerned about their general health. We have relationships with physical therapists, occupational therapists, chiropractors, physicians, acupuncturists, and massage therapists in the DC, MD and VA areas.

“I spend a lot of time at my desk with my computer – I bet you do too.  My back and shoulders have been paying the price.  In order to better situate my desk and my office and my car so I won’t get so sore using them, I hired Naomi Abrams – an Ergonomic Specialist and owner of Worksite Health & Safety. I highly recommend that you hire Naomi if your back and shoulders are hurting or if your employees are suffering.  You will thank her and me.” C. Lett

“After experiencing severe thumb, wrist, elbow and neck pain resulting from repetitive stress caused from typing I started looking for assistance. A physical therapist highly recommended Dr. Naomi Abrams. Within the week of my phone call Dr. Abrams scheduled a time convenient for both for an ergonomic consultation and evaluation. Dr. Abrams experience enabled her to access the situation quickly and her practical recommendations provide instant relief. She was able to clearly communicate and educate me on the causes of the strain, and solution based steps to take to both alleviate and eliminate the causes. Her recommendations extended past my work station, and she provided me with actions and options to use while traveling, working away from the office and using my cell phone. Dr. Abrams knowledge, ability to communicate recommendations concisely, provide practical tactics and cost effective options, and her pleasant demeanor were the reasons I recommended my company refer others colleagues experience similar issues as I had to Dr. Abrams.”    E. Billis, Ernst & Young

Choosing furniture and equipment

Interested in getting an unbiased opinion about what office furniture and equipment to buy? Don’t want to plunk down a large amount of money on a chair or keyboard that you are just not sure about?

We evaluate your work situation and your physical needs to give you an objective assessment of what furniture and equipment you really need.  If you do need something new, we will provide specifications and we can help connect you with distributors.  We only work with distributors that have demonstrated a thorough understanding of their products and their customers’ needs.  We don’t make any money from equipment manufacturers or distributors.

One-on-One Evaluations

Highly-qualified ergonomic specialists with medical training will come to your home or place of business.  We will spend time with you studying your work habits and current workspace set-up to assess what is causing the pain and how it can best be remedied.  Most on-site evaluations take approximately 90 minutes. This gives us time to teach you proper posture, work out what type of equipment you really need, and make any changes that are possible then and there.  After the evaluation, we provide you with a written summary of what we accomplished during the evaluation, any recommendations discussed and further recommendations.

Musicians, Parents, Artists and more…mom lifting child wheelchair

Concerned that your everyday activities are contributing to your aches and pains or have you had to give up your favorite hobby due to pain?  We work with you to modify activities to decrease the strain on your body.  Whether it is learning how to care for your new baby without hurting your back or garden with arthritis pain in your knees, we can work with you to make things as comfortable as possible.

We do not participate with any insurance company plans except workers’ compensation after pre-approval.  Our clients often will submit our invoices to their insurance company or FSA with a doctor’s prescription for possible out-of-network coverage.


Note: We provide ergonomic and accommodation services to individuals in their homes only in the DMV. As of 2018 our availability to provide these services has become limited. We recommend discussing your needs with your medical provider, using Dr. Abrams’ books and other resources, and connecting with support groups as much as possible to ensure quick assistance.