Reading while working at the computer – how you can make it easier on your neck and eyes.

In most office-based professions, people are undoubtedly going to find themselves reading and working simultaneously at some point. If you are going to be working from a reference or reading material that is not on your computer screen, it is important to prop it up using a reading stand just beneath your monitor. By propping it up, you are decreasing the amount of neck and eye movement required to shift your gaze to the propped up paper as opposed to laying it flat on your desk. The reading material should be about 16-18 inches from your eyes, which is actually the distance that most reading glasses are set for. The nice part about propping it below the monitor is that if you are wearing reading glasses, then the action of looking down at the paper shifts your gaze into the reading portion of the lenses, which further allows you to not have to move your neck and eyes as far as you would than if you had laid the material flat. Reading stands are widely available, affordable, and are a worthwhile investment if you plan on working off of a reading material frequently. Find one that works for you and you may even see an increase in your productivity!

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