Serial Tasking – Why you can’t truly multi-task.




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Within a work day, there are countless micro-tasks and processes that we must allocate to different sectors of our brain as we work. Most people believe that they can handle and process different tasks simultaneously, as I’m sure you’ve heard of the term “multi-tasking”. While these people may be responsible for completing more than two or three tasks in a given time period, it is impossible for them to truly multi-task in the sense that they are processing and completing multiple different tasks at the exact same second. Instead, our brains have the unique ability to switch very rapidly from one topic to another, while retaining information about the previous tasks – which is called “serial-tasking”. Remember, if you are being confronted with a large number of tasks to be completed within one time period, be aware of your brain’s tendency to “serial-task”, and don’t let the constant switching of topics overwhelm you.

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