Worksite Health & Safety Consultants can work with companies of all sizes and industries to provide injury prevention services ranging from individual reactive evaluations to development of self-sustaining wellness programs.

“Dr. Abrams has contributed enormously by assisting the City of College Park in the reduction of Worker’s Compensation Claims.  In order to reduce the large number of strain and sprain injuries, I was encouraged to seek education for employees on proper lifting techniques, the benefits of regular exercise and stretching before engaging in heavy lifting.  On the recommendations of several health and safety consultants, I hired Dr. Abrams. 

 Dr. Abrams works with us regularly to educate our employees on proper body mechanics while lifting, stretching, hydration and making ergonomic changes in the workplace. (Sometimes, the employees listen better when it comes from someone else!)  Dr. Abrams continues to work with our Public Works Department and has introduced ergonomic improvements in other City departments. 

Our Worker’s Compensation Claims have decreased, resulting in substantial reductions to our annual premium. These savings are used to continue City-wide services. Most importantly, our employees relate to Dr. Abrams, follow her advice, and look forward to her next class! Dr. Abrams is an integral part of our safety program”.  — C. Linder, Safety Officer, City of College Park


Worried about one or two employees that are complaining about pains? Have someone you want to get back to work after a worker’s compensation claim? Worksite Health and Safety Consultants provide in-depth, one-on-one evaluations at the home or workplace.  Learn more.

Looking to make the whole company safe?  Hearing grumblings around the water cooler?  Ask us about a site visit to look over everyone’s jobsites and figure out what you really need to do to stop the lost time to doctors and therapy visits.  Learn more.

Choosing equipment

Chairs, keyboards, hydraulic lifts, overhead hoists, oh my…Wondering what makes something “ergonomic”?

You shouldn’t waste money on unnecessary equipment or equipment that doesn’t fully meet your needs.We give expert advice about what will solve your problems and make your employees more productive. Learn more.

We do not represent or endorse any manufacturers of furniture or equipment.

Equipment use training

One of the most important factors in achieving efficiency and injury prevention is improving how the individual uses the equipment or tools for the job — from keyboard to power tool.  Learn more.

Evaluations from photographs and web contact

Telecommuting can help both the employee and employer meet their goals, but does the employer’s responsibility end when the employee works from home?

Do you have offices around the nation or around the globe?  We can provide direct services in much of the USA and provide services via the internet for all the rest.  Learn more.


Lectures only work if the employees can implement the recommendations at their own workstations. We offer customized ergonomic seminars for office work, industrial topics, call centers, and general wellness. We can help you decide what seminars are best for your employees and your budget. Learn more.

Train-the-trainer programs

The better trained your supervisors, health services and human resources departments are, the faster and more efficient your response can be when pain or injury occur. We can train them to be their own best resource for ergonomic concerns. Learn more.

Job task analyses

Do you have employees you need to get back to work? Wondering how you can accommodate “light duty”? Concerned about your company’s hiring practices and ADA?

For effective rehabilitation of injured workers, return to work, and injury prevention, a detailed job analysis is essential. We can help you create a realistic and applicable job analysis that can be used for hire or return to work after injury. Learn more.

Wellness programs

Looking to save money on health insurance premiums?Interested in becoming LEED or Green certified? Want employees that work smarter, not harder?  We bring the specialists you need to promote a healthy workplace.  Learn more.

Follow-up services

We believe that the employee and supervisor are the strongest links to effective workplaces. Follow-up services are included in all of our contracts and are based on client need.