Are you concerned about keeping employees at work as long as possible, bringing back employees that have been injured, hiring the right people who also happen to have special needs?  These are all concerns that play a large part in the operation of a successful business.

Aging Workforce

The workforce is aging and the needs of older workers are different than the young.  Vision, hearing and mobility all change as we age.  We have consultants who specialize in creating accessible work spaces for people with all levels of ability.

We tailor our training programs to the learning styles of the staff.  Older workers need to learn new materials differently than young.  Each person’s memory capabilities are different.  We take all of this into account when designing programs for you whether it is training, wellness, or fitness.

Return to work

If you have an employee that returns to work after a catastrophic injury or an injury that changes their physical capabilities, we help you modify the work space to bring them back safely and efficiently.  All of our clinical staff have experience working with individuals with varied abilities in both rehabilitation and community settings.  We bring that knowledge to your work-site to integrate your employee back into the workforce.

Americans with Disabilities Act

If you have a new employee that you know needs job accommodations, let us help you set them up to succeed.  We help set up a workspace, work with the other employees to understand the person’s abilities and needs, and work with the employee to establish routines and practices that focus on their being able to get their job done well.