Equipment isn’t always the answer

Worried that an “ergonomic evaluation” will just make your employees think they need new equipment?  Expensive equipment isn’t always needed and often the right equipment costs less than the equipment your employees find to self-fix the problem. 

Our evaluations start with the premise that safe and healthy workstations are populated by people who are equipment smart. They use the equipment correctly, take appropriate breaks and stretch often.  The purpose of equipment is to set people up to succeed. 

Only what you need

You shouldn’t waste money on unnecessary equipment or equipment that doesn’t fully meet your needs.  We will provide a detailed description and examples of all equipment recommended. We will assist in the development of purchasing guidelines for future equipment, standardization of corporate equipment, or one-time purchases.

Objectivity means you save money

Worksite Health & Safety Consultants does not represent or endorse any manufacturers of furniture or equipment. We provide independent evaluations of all manufacturers’ products and have extensive sources where you can buy the furniture or equipment you may need.

Retrofit or new construction

If you are building a new facility or retrofitting an old one, Worksite Health & Safety Consultants will work with your interior designer and architect to design a work space with safety and health in mind.  We will help make your facility LEAN and Green by bringing biomechanical principles and task analyses expertise to the table.