One of the most important factors in achieving efficiency and injury prevention is improving how an individual uses the equipment or tools for the job – from keyboards to power tools.

Expensive doesn’t equal right

The most expensive chair can still cause back pain.The word “ergonomic” is often used as a marketing device to sell chairs, keyboards and countless other products, but did you know that there are no set standards to qualify a device as ergonomically better or worse?  The best chair, drill, desk, keyboard, etc. is the one that fits your body.  The key is understanding what your body and your job require.

Safety first

If your team works with heavy machinery or potentially dangerous equipment, you already know that safety is a top priority. We can provide you with the guidance and resources you need to develop and standardize safety protocols, as well as design and implement safety training programs.

During the individual evaluations or company-wide training programs, we will provide detailed written educational materials for employees’ reference.  Been disappointed by other safety initiatives? Contact us to learn why our programs work.