For the whole company or a department

Want to prevent injuries for all your employees?  Do you have a group of employees that have been getting injured? We can perform a site evaluation to assess where the strengths and weaknesses are in your current site design.  Find out quickly whether you are looking at a large equipment purchase or just have training needs.  We create an educational program to address your whole staff and their health and wellness concerns.

Contact us for a free, no obligation 30-minute phone consultation.  We will work with you to determine what is best for your staff and your budget.


With every evaluation, whether it is for just one employee or 30,000, we provide follow-up services to ensure compliance.  Learning new habits takes time and we feel that everyone needs a little extra nudge every now and again.  Therefore, as part of every program or evaluation we schedule follow-ups via phone, e-mail and on-site based on need.  Check out our ErgoTips to see one way we keep health and ergonomics in the front of your employees’ minds.

Individual Evaluations

Do you have an employee (or several) complaining of chronic pain?  We perform on-site evaluations of an employee’s work space.  This includes education on how to use the workstation efficiently. We create a plan of action for any changes that are required for the station.

Any solutions that are readily available will be completed immediately. This includes adjusting equipment positioning or educating the employee regarding self-adjustments.

Tired of getting handed a doctor’s prescription for a chair costing thousands?  See it as a chance for positive change — your employee is letting you know they hurt.  After a thorough ergonomic evaluation by a trained professional, you get a report about what is needed.  You are still following the doctor’s orders and satisfying the needs of your employee.  However, all equipment changes are checked with you first, giving you control over when and where the equipment is purchased.

 “I can’t thank Naomi enough for her help in setting up my office. I went from not being able to work at all without a migraine to being able to work 8 hours migraine free! Now I’m setting up my home office the same way. Thank you again!” — Carla