Hands-on Group Training

The best way for adults to learn is by hearing, problem-solving and feeling.  Our lectures combine all these methods of teaching to ensure that your employees will walk away feeling empowered to create change.

We create our lectures based on your needs and your facility.  During our site evaluation, we photograph your employees using your equipment and use those pictures in our lectures.  That way your employees can see what they are doing, why they are doing it, and what they can do about it.

Lunch and learns

If you want to start out your program with just the basics, we can provide brief lectures geared toward giving your staff tools to help themselves.  Our “lunch and learns” are engaging and fun ways to start your employees thinking about changes they can make today to help themselves.

Some popular lectures include:

  • Introduction to safe lifting
  • Making shared workstations fit
  • Nutrition for the office
  • The seated workstation
  • Stretching for drivers