Program sustainability

We are dedicated to creating programs that are supported by your employees.  That’s the best way for programs to survive.  Our training program consists of a full day of hands-on training for selected staff members where they will learn how to be both proactive and reactive to employees’ health and ergonomic concerns.


Creating a group of ergo-savvy staff means that they can reward people who are working smarter and safer.  Research shows us that reinforcement works if used correctly.  “Catch them being good” isn’t a concept that should end in elementary school.  We teach your staff how to provide the kind of reinforcement that makes your employees feel good about doing things the best way.


Research shows that programs only survive if upper management demonstrates commitment.  Safety is an initiative that should be in every business plan.  We will help you with program development that includes training management how to use health, wellness and ergonomic principles to increase productivity and decrease losses.

Wondering if your staff has what it takes to take control of injury losses?  Contact us for a free consultation.