The dilemna of split-angle keyboards – to use, or not to use?




There are tens of thousands of keyboard designs and functions, suited for every type of body and occupation. Some are built light for easy transportation, some are made for game enthusiasts, some keyboards even roll up into a flexible tube that you can put in your pocket! With that being said, you want to make sure that you select the correct keyboard for your body type. Split-keyboard fixed-angle design keyboards are interesting because they are just one design that is suited for a certain body type – those with broad chests or bellies or those with a lot of ulnar deviation in their wrists when they type. These keyboards feature a split in the middle of the keyboard itself, with each side angled to create two differently positioned segments of the keyboard, and if your body type isn’t one of types listed in the previous sentence, you will find yourself looking like a chicken when you type on a split-keyboard fixed-angle design keyboard! This will, in turn, put stress on your forearm and elbows, because your elbows aren’t meant to be spread out at an awkward angle as you use the split-keyboard fixed-angle design.  Although these products are highly popular and advertised as ergonomic for the average user, the reality is that they are only appropriate for those whose body type is strained when using a regularly designed keyboard.

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