Why is My Office a Pain in My...?


Why is My Office a Pain in My...? 111

Feeling overwhelmed by the hype out there surrounding “ergonomics?”

Have you spent far too much money on stuff that proclaims itself “ergonomically correct”?

And yet you still have discomfort after work?

Living with someone or working with someone who moans and groans about their neck, back, shoulder, hand…?

Never fear, you’ve done the right thing by picking up this book. I will make you this one promise-by the end of this book you will have a good idea of how to help yourself set up your workspace, deal with workplace stressors, and select equipment that really works for you (instead of just spending your money). This book is only for people who are ready to take control.

If all you want is another gimmick or piece of equipment, please put the book down. Everything you are going to read here is based on science and expertise. Don’t worry, I won’t put you to sleep and I promise to make it as easy as I can.

You will learn:
–The 7 rules to make any workstation comfortable-home or office (and no, they don’t include buying lots of equipment).
— Cost-effective methods for keeping pain away.
— How to decide if a piece of equipment is right for you-or if you should run in fear.
— How to use the equipment you already have-correctly!

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