With TWWS, we offer a health survey that’s different from others. Most surveys only look at a couple of health factors, but ours covers everything that affects your health, like nutrition, exercise, and stress management. We believe that a company’s success depends on more than just the health of its employees. That’s why we measure things like productivity and return on investment too. And don’t worry, we make it easy for you to understand by providing all the important information in one place.

Wellness means more than just happier employees. Successful and sustainable programs must use metrics to demonstrate both the need for and the usefulness of any corporate policy or procedure. Modified from the survey we developed for the United Nations and its partners, this research-driven multi-factor survey is the gold standard for understanding the health and wellness of your employees and their productivity within your business. 

The value of TWWS:

1. Increased productivity: Healthy employees tend to have more energy, better focus, and lower rates of absenteeism, all of which can lead to increased productivity.

2. Reduced healthcare costs: Healthier employees are less likely to require medical care or miss work due to illness, which can help reduce healthcare costs for the business.

3. Improved morale: A healthy workplace culture can boost employee morale, leading to a more positive and productive work environment.

4. Enhanced reputation: A business that prioritizes employee health and wellness may be seen as a more attractive employer, which can help attract and retain top talent.

5. Increased engagement: Employees who feel supported in their health and wellness may be more engaged and motivated to perform at their best, leading to better overall performance and outcomes for the business.

6. Lower turnover: By investing in employee health and wellness, businesses may be able to reduce turnover rates and retain valuable talent over the long term.

The TWWS difference:

Most health risk analysis surveys on the market today look at only one or two components of a person’s health – usually based around the services the provider has in house. We are more interested in getting you the numbers you need than selling you another service. 

Getting a survey from your health care provider? They are focused on the health of the employee – blood pressure, cholesterol, weight. All important to health, but did you know that cardiac diseases have dropped to the number two slot in the list of highest medical costs to companies? Research that bothers looking at the whole person has now shown musculoskeletal pain to top the list. 

There are wellness surveys aplenty that focus on stress and stress management. Stress is one of the leading corollaries to poor health, this is true. How well has that stand alone stress management program worked for you? Breathe….

Our TWWS covers all those factors, and many more, all in one survey! Companies can now find out about the correlations of more than two metrics. 

Wondering if you should keep paying to have a weight management program onsite? TWWS measures nutritional habits, knowledge and use of corporate programs, stress eating, family habits regarding eating, and access to healthy foods – all factors in the success of a weight loss program. 

Wondering if you should put in blood pressure machines or build a gym? TWWS looks into behaviors and habits related to exercise, understanding of how the local healthcare system operates, routine visits to a primary care physician, and how well the whole family is doing at getting preventative care. 

Our research has shown that the success of a corporation depends not just on the health of the employees. It depends on the productivity of those employees and the return on the investments you put into employment. TWWS is the only survey to make all those numbers clear!