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Top mistakes HR professionals make when dealing with ergonomics and how to avoid them!

Ergonomics is a buzz word that Human Resources professionals hear a lot. Many of you shy away from anything dealing with ergonomics because you are afraid of what may happen.  Take it from me, everything you are worried about already has happened!! Companies are losing large amounts of money hiding from the ergonomics question or dealing with it piecemeal. Time to change your approach. 

This 30 minute webinar will take you through the top 5 mistakes we have seen program managers make, why the problems happen, and what you can do to avoid or mitigate them. 

Dr. Naomi Abrams, OTR/L, CEAS has over 14 years of experience creating ergonomic programs for companies of all sizes around the world. She has lectured on occupational health and safety, return to work, workplace modifications, and program development globally.

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